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Asset Chain Techlligence Pvt. Ltd.

Asset Chain Techlligence Pvt. Ltd. Asset Chain Techlligence Pvt Ltd is working towards providing digital identity solutions that cater to individuals and businesses for Providing KYC credentials for Banking, Insurance, Mutual Funds, Educational Institutes etc. The users will prove their identities more easily across the web without sacrificing control over sensitive data. Users choose precisely which information they want to input into their digital ID, as well as who they choose to share it with keeping in mind the Personal Data Protection Guidelines getting into effect very shortly.

It actually offers a single source of users’ personal information securely stored using blockchain protections using Self Sovereign Identity DID Models which keeps immutable record cryptographically over the blockchain without storing the actual data on the blocks. The platform also offers services that are critical to identity management; namely, compliance, fraud detection, and identity authentication, a crypto wallet,a asset Vault and data storage encryptly linked to your own paired devices. Users can then share their self-sovereign, blockchain verified Digital identity without worrying that data is being taken from them without consent. It will also help businesses unlock a secure, global business network where qualifications are verified, and trust is ever-present. Users can input their attested government ID, social profile, and financial status based from verified documents, then use the platform to deploy necessary information without ever giving up true ownership of the data. With attestations – essentially endorsements – from third parties that can verify your information is valid, your phone becomes your universal identifier – better not lose it.

The Platform is further extended to support smart contracts for Wills and Estate Planning for transfer of Digital, Crypto and Various assets to our near and loved ones for securing their future.

I dream of a Digital India where Cyber Security becomes integral part of our National Security.

- Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi

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